ORSP Fall 2021 Updates


Welcome Back!

  • ORSP Office Schedule – ORSP is open and most staff are working on campus two days per week. If you need to meet with a particular staff member in person, please coordinate to find a day when you will both be on campus. Otherwise, our staff continue to be available via Zoom, Teams or telephone.
  • Staffing update – ORSP recently received approved to hire additional staff to fill some of the vacant positions in the office. Since it will take some time to recruit and onboard new staff, we appreciate your continued patience during the interim.

  • PI Checklists - We continue to recommend that PI Checklists be submitted 5 weeks prior to agency deadline. Effective October 1, 2020, PI Checklists submitted within 4 weeks or fewer of a funding agency deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to assess staff capacity, and we will no longer be able to guarantee that the proposal will be submitted with short notice.

  • New Proposal/Grants Management System – After reviewing a number of options, ORSP has selected InfoEd as the vendor for our new Proposal/Grants Management System. We are excited about how this new system will streamline the work for both PIs and ORSP as well as enhance our reporting capabilities. We would like to recruit a group PIs to provide input during the implementation and participate in testing. Please email Rowena Manalo (mamaradl@sfsu.edu), ORSP Information and Reporting Specialist, if you are interested in helping with this project. An honoraria of $250/meeting will be provided and we anticipate there to be approximately 3-4 meetings throughout the 2021-22 academic year.