Forms Library

(ATEA Form) Request for Authorization to Travel/Travel Advance for ORSP Projects
Absence and Additional Time Worked Report (STD 634) (pdf)
Absence and Additional Time Worked Request Instructions
Authorization for One-time Exception (Travel, Hospitality, or Reimbursement)
Business Expense (NON-TRAVEL) Reimbursement Request
Classification and Compensation Request Form
Combined Travel Claim and Itemized List of Actual Expenses - After 01/01/2019
Direct Payment (pdf)
Emergency Hire/ Casual Worker Request Form
Employee Fee Waiver Application
Employee Fee Waiver Application Instructions
Fiscal Affairs - Forms and Documents
Fund Advance
Funding Source Change Request Form
Graduate Assistant Hiring Form
Hospitality (pdf)
HRMS Password Reset Request
I-9 Form
International Travel Packet
Invention Disclosure
ORSP Honorarium Payment Request for (Non-SF State Employee)
ORSP Honorarium Payment Request for (SF State Employee)
ORSP Volunteer Process
Performance Evaluation Form
Petty Cash Form (11/2018)
PI Acceptance of Responsibility
GMS PI Checklist
Position Description Form Staff
Procurement Card Application Packet - ORSP users
Recommendation to Hire
Recruitment Request Form
Request for External Review (federal proposals only) Form
Request to Appoint Special Consultant
Request to Charge SFSU Tuition to an ORSP Project
Requesting RRT Form
Responsible Conduct of Research Training Form
Intersession Faculty Pay Request Form
Salary and Fringe Benefits Request For
SFSU Federal COI Disclosure Form - Short
SFSU Federal COI Disclosure Form - Long
Stipend for ORSP (for SF State students) (03/2021)
Stipend Non-SFSU Student
Stop Payment / Check Replacement Application for Vendors
Student Assistant Pay voucher (pdf)
Student Assistant Hiring Form
Transfer Payment (pdf)
Vendor 204 Data Form
Write-Off Request for ORSP
W-8BEN Form
W-8BEN-E Form
Work Schedule