NASA Office of STEM Engagement Opportunity for Minority-Serving Institution STEM and/or Education Faculty/Staff

May 25, 2022

Third Pre-Submission Webinar is Scheduled for Thursday, June 2nd, 2022  at 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Eastern Time

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During this webinar, prospective candidates will hear an overview of this opportunity and will receive technical assistance including tips and guidance for submitting Packages. Please submit your questions to A recording of this webinar will be made available after the webinar. ​

Dear Colleagues:

The NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) seeks to attract, engage and educate students ,support educators, educational institutions, and professional and student organizations. NASA’s STEM Engagement community works in close collaboration with NASA’s workforce to provide exceptional experiences for students, and with NASA’s public engagement workforce to leverage opportunities for reaching students. STEM engagement is comprised of a broad and diverse set of programs, projects, activities and products developed and implemented by Head Quarter Functional Offices, Mission Directorates, and Centers.

NASA is committed to finding innovative ways to deliver content and engage students in STEM learning.  Thus, OSTEM announces a nationwide search for STEM or Education faculty or STEM Education staff employed at Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) to join NASA’s OSTEM team on a two and a half-year temporary assignment (only for cohort 2).  Selectees will serve as part of Cohort 2 of the Minority Serving Institution Academic Interchange Cohort (MAIC), facilitated through the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program.

Cohort 2 Start – January 9, 2023 (Applications due June 24, 2022)

Cohort 2 End – June 30, 2025

The IPA Mobility Program, provides for the temporary assignment of personnel between the Federal Government and state and local governments, colleges and universities, Indian tribal governments, federally funded research and development centers, and other eligible organizations.

NASA is seeking two to three mid-career faculty and/or staff, whose skills and specialized experiences that can support OSTEM’s three focus areas of:


1.     Creating unique opportunities for students and the public to contribute to NASA’s work in exploration and discovery.

2.     Building a diverse future STEM workforce by engaging students in authentic learning experiences with NASA people, content, and facilities.

3.     Strengthening public understanding by enabling powerful connections to NASA’s mission and work.


The selected Intergovernmental Personnel Assignees will serve with the Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP) team during the second cohort of this initiative. Selected members of this prestigious program will work and learn about NASA’s OSTEM and MUREP initiatives by collaborating directly with NASA functional and activity teams.  They will also participate in a formal onboarding and professional development program, with video and live seminars and workshops.

General Requirements

·       U.S. citizen or national (residents of American Samoa and Swains Island),

·       Full-time STEM/Education faculty or administrative/managerial staff (i.e., student activities director, program/project manager, etc.) at a two- or four-year accredited U.S. (MSI designated via the Department of Education) institution. (NASA Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) List)

·       Letter of Support from an authorizing official representative of the institution.

Potential Activities

NASA is interested in building rotating cohorts professionals to help us develop and carry out strategies that attract a more diverse population of students to OSTEM’s programs. Activities may include, and are not limited to:

·       Developing strategies to infuse diversity and inclusion within OSTEM and NASA’s Mission Directorates.

·       Establishing priorities to enhance the participation of MSI’s partnerships and collaborations leading to increased involvement in NASA programs.

·       Managing significant elements or phases of an assigned research partnership with one or multiple NASA Mission Directorates under the auspices of the MUREP project manager.

·       Establishing a scalable and systemic OSTEM activity to broaden participation of underserved and underrepresented communities and institutions.

These activities may be tailored to the background and expertise of the candidate(s). Cohort members may be placed at NASA Headquarters and/or Centers across the Agency. Remote work is an option for this opportunity.

Faculty and/or staff who meet the general requirements, particularly members of underrepresented or underserved groups and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to consider this opportunity.

Should you or your colleagues be interested in this position, please apply at:{34F5458A-2844-42B9-C129-A2E754CFE2D9}&path=&method=init