CSU System Wide Grant Writing Peer Group Pilot Program

March 2, 2021

You are invited to join the CSU Systemwide Grant Writing Peer Group Pilot Program if you meet all of the following criteria:
 Ready to write a grant proposal (or revise a declined proposal) for a specific funder and plan to
(re)submit in between June 2021- February 2022
 Willing to receive constructive feedback on grant writing from CSU system peers and mentors
 Willing to review grant proposals and give constructive feedback to CSU system peers
 Willing to commit one hour per week for at least a three-month period

Scheduling options:

  • May – August 2021 (recommended for grant deadlines in Fall 2021)

  • August – November 2021 (recommended for grant deadlines in Winter 2021/2022)

  • February – August 2021 (group members may change in May)

  • May – November 2021 (group members may change in August)

  • February – November 2021 (group members may change in May and August​

Group Meetings:

 Mentors may attend peer group meetings and will be available via email to answer questions and guide next steps.

 Groups will meet via Zoom at least once per month for at least one hour to share feedback and to hold each other accountable for writing progress. 

​ Meeting activities are flexible

  • Examples: rotating each member’s draft,a section of every members’ drafts,or Q&A session

 Group members are expected to spend at least one hour/week writing, reviewing, and/or meeting

Group Composition:

Every effort will be made to consider preferences; however, group size and composition will be determined by the number and types of registrations received. The registration survey requests your preferences for a group of people:
 who have a similar or different title

  • AsstProf, AssocProf, Prof, Lecturer/Adjunct/PTfaculty, Administrator/Staff

​ who are in a similar or different discipline

 who identify as a member of an underrepresented group

Diverse groups benefit from a wider range of experiences, insights, perspectives, methodological approaches, literature knowledge, and theoretical applications. Homogeneous groups may provide a higher level of comfort and a shared language.

Registration URLhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PeerWrite