2023–24 RSCA Fund Competition Awardees

Author: Mo Angeles
December 19, 2023

Congratulations to the 2023–24 RSCA Fund Competition awardees!

· Scott Boswell: Bloodroot: AI & Independent Filmmaking

· Laura (Kai) Burrus and Archana Anand: SF Bay Climate Resilience: Leveraging Microbial Indicators for Oyster Restoration

· Cheng Chen: Exploration of Direct Probability Integral Method for Adaptive Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Towards Seismic Reliability Assessment of Engineering Structures

· Laura Epstein: Caseload Sizes for Speech-Language Therapy Clinical Fellows in California Schools

· Eric Greene: CryoEM Exploration of Turnover-Inflicted Damage on Enzyme Structure, Function and Dynamics

· Persis Karim: Scattered Words: Tracing the Genealogy of Global Iranian Diaspora Literature

· Navi Kaur: Apne Naujawan (Our Youth): Fleeing Punjab and Sikh Disenfranchisement

· Zhuwei Qin: Intelligent Wireless Spectrum Monitoring with Decentralized On-device Learning

· Ashley Larson: Images of Violence: An Analysis of Visual Frames in U.S. Nightly National Broadcast News Coverage of Black Lives Matter Protests

· Yeon-Shim Lee: HPV Knowledge and Vaccination Behaviors Among Indigenous Populations in Rural South Dakota: Directions Toward Culturally Tailored Interventions

· Yikuan Lee: Investigating Personal Learning Through Mentorship Functions: Empowering the First-Generation College Students

· Rosa Park: A Body I Touched: New Sonic Look on the Graveyards

· Carolina Prado: Water Pollution, Mobility and Health in Eastern Tijuana, México

· Joshi Priyanka: Implications of Gender Differences in Communicative Abstraction on Leadership Emergence and Effectiveness

· Jennifer Reck: “The Castro Theatre is Our Church”: Contestations Over LGBTQ Historic Preservation and Neighborhood Change in San Francisco’s Castro District

· Michelle Sinapuelas: Investigating the Implementation of a Studio-Style General Chemistry Course Series

· Timothy Shaw and Sybil Yang: Vista Room Cookbook

· Amy Skonieczny: Populist Global Governance

· Amy Smith and Theresa Roeder: ReBound for Success: Project Rebound and Success in Higher Education in the CSU

· Anusha Sundarrajan: Effects of Voice-Related Gender Dysphoria on the Autonomic Nervous System in Trans Women

· Kendra Van Cleave: Fashioning the French Colonial Caribbean: Dress, Race and Identity in the 18th Century

· Omar Zahzah: Terms of Servitude: Zionism, Silicon Valley and Digital Colonialism in the Palestinian Liberation Struggle