Expanding Opportunity: Social Justice Funding in the Bay Area

Join Foundation Center West to learn how Bay Area social justice funders are working toward breaking down barriers for social mobility and creating opportunity for all in our local community. You’ll hear from funders who are providing support to ensure fair and equitable opportunities for participation in economic, social, and civic life.

Luis Arteaga, Senior Program Manager, Levi Strauss Foundation
Timothy P. Silard, President, Rosenberg Foundation
Alex Tom, Executive Director, Chinese Progressive Association, Common Counsel Foundation
Nancy Wiltsek, Executive Director, van Löben Sels/RembeRock Foundation


Michele Dilworth, Director, Foundation Center West

Venue: Foundation Center West
           312 Sutter Street
           San Francisco, CA 94108
Date and TimeThursday, February 23, 2017 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm  PT 

Discussion of Predatory Journals and Conferences - Wed, Feb 08, 2017

Learn how to identify predatory journals and ways to find the best and legitimate research. This talk will distinguish between open access and unethical publishing. 

Presenter:        Dr. Peggy L. Chinn, Ph.D.
                          Professor Emerita, University of Connecticut
                          Current Editor, Advances in Nursing Science

Day and Date:  Wednesday, Feb 08, 2017
Time:                 2-3:30 PM PST
Venue:               Library 121 


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CSU Faculty Proposal Development Webinar - February 14, 2017

CSU Office of the Chancellor for Research will live webcast a webinar for Faculty Proposal Development on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 9 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. 

Presented by Research - Dr. Ganesh Raman
Guest Speaker - Dr. Richard Ziegfeld
Two CSU Faculty Panels: Federal Grants Awarded and Selection Committees Served


TOPICS include:  

Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Research
Proposal Process Best Practices
What Evaluators Want and Characteristics of Winning Proposals
CSU5 Campus Faculty Panels: Federal Grants Awarded and Selection Committees Served


No registration is needed. Join at this link: Webcast

The webinar will be hosted in ADM201. Please contact Jessica Mankus, if you have any questions or concerns.

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SF State astronomer searches for signs of life on Wolf 1061 exoplanet

Astronomer Stephen Kane’s research into exoplanets has deduced that planets exist outside Earth’s solar system. Kane and his team, examined the habitable zone on a planetary system 14 light years away. Planet Wolf 1061c, is determined to be entirely within the habitable zone. 

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Stat CORR 'Pre-Retreat' Research Methods and Statistics Software Training Sessions

Please join us for the Stat CORR 'Pre-Retreat' Research Methods and Statistics Software Training Sessions on Wednesday January 18, 2017, starting at 9AM in the Library

The complete description of sessions here








LIB 281 Chris Bettinger Intro to 'R' software
9-9:50 LIB 284 Jackson Wilson Intro to Qualtrics Survey Design for 'Smartphone/tablet' Data Collection
10-10:50 LIB 284 Anna Studwell Intro to GIS software
10-10:50 LIB 285 Jessica Mankus Intro to Pivot database
10-10:50 LIB 280 Rick Harvey Intro to SPSS for Analyzing 'College Health' Data
11-11:50 LIB 281 Ed Connor Intro to 'R' for SPSS users
12-12:50 LIB 286 Stat CORR LUNCH