Business Expense / Hospitality Expenses

Use the Business Expense Reimbursement Request Form (Reimbursement/Hospitality) to pay a hospitality-related bill or invoice (if no Purchase Order was set up), or to get reimbursed for out-of-pocket hospitality-related or business goods expenses. Common examples of hospitality expenses include food and beverage, space rental, catering, and miscellaneous supplies (e.g. forks, napkins, tablecloths).


  • The payee / requestor must fully complete the *NEW* Business Expense Reimbursement Request Form (Reimbursement/Hospitality), include all required signatures, and populate the Chartfield information (the Account Code, Fund Code, Department ID, Program Code (if available), and the Project number to which the charges should post)
  • Select type of reimbursement: Non - Travel and Non -Hospitality Business Expenses  or  Hospitality Expenses
  • For hospitality expenses, please also list the event attendees if there are 25 or fewer participants; if this won't fit in the space provided, use the List of Employees/Guests form (see below). If there are more than 25 participants, you don't need to list attendees.
  • Attach the original receipt(s) or invoice(s) to the form and submit to ORSP for review and approval
  • ORSP submits to Accounts Payable for final review and processing
  • The associated check will either be mailed to the requestor or they will be asked to come pick it up, according to the disbursement method selected on the form
  • Payment can be made to a vendor in advance of the event by using this process: submit the invoice / written quote at least two weeks prior to the date of the event to allow time for processing

SF State's Accounts Payable Hospitality Website

Of note:

  • Hospitality expenses can only be charged to your project if hospitality was itemized in the funded budget on the award
  • You cannot put hospitality expenses on your P-Card
  • You can also use a Purchase Order (PO) to pay for catering, or setup a blanket PO to pay for recurring catering expenses (paying from the blanket PO with an invoice for each event, as they occur)
  • If the payee / requestor is a new vendor in our system, they must also complete and submit a Vendor Data Record form to accompany the Direct Payment Request
  • Maximum rates for hospitality per person are as follows:
    Breakfast $15.00
    Lunch $25.00
    Dinner $40.00
    Light Refreshment $10.00
  • If you submitted a request for payment and have confirmed with your GA that it is missing, you should complete as much information as possible on an Application for Replacement of State Agency Trust Check form, and submit to your ORSP GA.

*NEW* Business Expense Reimbursement Request Form (Reimbursement/Hospitality)

List of Employees / Guests for Meal reimbursement

SF State Policy on the Payment or Reimbursement of Hospitality Expenses

Hospitality Purchasing Procedures

Commonly Used Account Codes

Direct Payment Request form

Vendor Data Record form

Application for Replacement of State Agency Trust Check