Submitting a Direct Pay Request

Direct Payment Request form may be made for Unviersity oblicagation for which little or no valuse can be added by processing the tranaction through standard procurement procedures.

Use a Direct Payment Request form to pay a bill or an invoice (if no Purchase Order was set up), or to get reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses. Common expenses that this form is used for include advertisements, postal and mailing charges, reimbursements, book, subscriptions, publications, registration fees, medical exams, insurance premiums, rent/utilities, membership fees, accreditation fees, etc.

The following are prohibited transactions:

  • Expenses / invoices over $5,000
  • Reimbursement over $1,000
  • Rental of any type
  • Service of any type regardless of where the services are performed
  • Reimbursement requests submitted more than 90 days after the expenditure


  1. The payee / requestor must fully complete the Direct Payment Request form, include all required signatures, and populate the Chartfield information in section 3 (Account, Fund, DeptID, and the Project number to which the charges should post).
  2. Attach the original receipt(s) or invoice(s) to the form and submit to ORSP, and also attach an evidence of pre-approval from the Procurement Department in the form of a Purchase Order, signed agreement, or other written approval (e.g. e-mail) authorizing this direct payment. Please refer to Direct Pay Policy for information on pre-approval instruction.
  3. ORSP submits to Accounts Payable for final review and processing.
  4. The associated check will either be mailed to the requestor or they will be asked to come pick it up, according to the disbursement method selected on the Direct Payment Request form.

Of note:

  • Direct Payment requests must be made within 90 days of the transaction
  • If the payee / requestor is a new vendor in our system, they must also complete and submit a Vendor Data Record form to accompany the Direct Payment Request.
  • Original receipts are always required. If a copy of a receipt is submitted, it must be certified by the PI on the project by adding and signing off on the following certification:

"This receipt is a true and correct copy of the original, which has been lost or is otherwise unobtainable. I certify that our records have been checked and this receipt has not been submitted with a previous claim."
Signature of Payee: __________________________
Signature of Approver: ________________________

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