Obtaining a Procurement Card (P-Card) for a Project


  • You should first discuss with your GA whether you have the ability to use a P-Card on your project and if it would be beneficial to have one (e.g. you may be eligible for a P-Card, but would not need one if you won't be purchasing supplies and services for your project).
  • If your GA determines that it would be beneficial to have a P-Card for your project, you must fill out the P-Card Application Packet (ORSP users). Once you have completed these forms, submit to ORSP for review.
  • After review, ORSP will forward the completed forms to the P-Card office for processing. After processing, the P-Card office will invite the PI to a mandatory orientation for new cardholders that outlines P-Card guidelines and cardholder responsibilities (e.g. monthly reporting requirements, how to use to card, prohibited items).
  • After attending the orientation you are free to use the P-card once you receive it.
  • The cardholder must submit monthly reports to the P-Card office (these are shared with ORSP for review).
  • When your project is coming to an end, you must follow the P-Card Office's procedure for closing your card; refer to the guidelines outlined in the P-Card Handbook for more information.

Of note:

  • There are two levels of review on your P-Card: ORSP reviews according to the terms and conditions of your award, while the P-Card office reviews for compliance with their own guidelines.
  • The following types of purchases are strictly prohibited: firearms, hazardous chemicals, hotels & transportation, pets, gifts, etc. Refer to the P-Card handbook for more information.
  • Timely submission of your monthly reports is critical. If you fail to submit three monthly reports, you will lose your card privileges.
  • If you need to change the default project number and/or add/delete a project number, initiate that change through your ORSP GA.
  • Your P-Card is a privilege, not a right; treat it accordingly.

P-Card Application Packet (ORSP users)

SF State P-Card Handbook

SF State P-Card Training Guide

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