Equipment and Supplies

There are several differences between what is considered equipment and what is considered supplies on your project. Please contact your GA if you have any questions about these differences.


  • Costs $5000 or more
  • Is budgeted separately in both the award proposal and notification
  • Is waived from IDC
  • Uses a Purchase Order (PO) to buy

If you are considering purchasing Equipment for your project, please contact your GA to ensure the proper procedures are followed.


Fabricated Equipment

  • A PI may fabricate equipment that is not available commercially (or otherwise)
  • Has a total finished value of $5,000 and has a useful life of 1 year
  • Must be complete itself. It will be added to, accounted for, and removed from capital inventory as one unit or record. All pieces stay together until entire unit is retired from inventory.
  • Is treated similarly to regular equipment in many respects

Please view the SF State Consolidated / Fabricated Laboratory Equipment Policy and Procedure for more information.