Request RRT & Additional Pay

Online Request Forms Dates Deadline
Submit RRT Request Fall 2021 Aug. 15, 2021
  Spring 2022 Dec. 15, 2021
Submit Thanksgiving Break 2021 Request Nov. 22 - Nov. 24 (3 days) Oct. 15, 2021
Submit Winter Intersession 2022 Request Jan. 3 - Jan. 18 ( 12 days) Dec. 15, 2021
Submit Spring Break 2022 Request Mar. 21  - Mar. 25  ( 5 days) Feb. 15, 2022
Submit Summer 2022 Request May. 30 - May 31 (2days) May 15, 2022
June 1 - June 30 (22 days) May 15, 2022
Jul. 1 - Aug. 1 (22 days) Jun. 15, 2022
Aug. 2 - Aug. 16 (11 days) Jul. 15, 2022


RRT & FAC Add Pay

Reimbursed Release Time (RRT)

  • Is not a monetary payment to the PI, it is a transfer of funds between ORSP and the PI's College to temporarily release the PI from some teaching obligations in order to conduct research
  • Is only available during Fall & Spring semesters
  • Benefits charged to the project are the actual benefit rates
  • Depending upon when the RRT request is made, payment to the College (and charge to the grant) will either be paid as a lump sum or in monthly installments
  • Reconciliation and transfer of funds to the college is administered through Academic Resources

Faculty Additional Pay

  • Is a monetary payment to the PI
  • Calendar Year (CY) appointees cannot apply for Faculty Additional Pay; they can only apply for RRT
  • Is only available during Summer, Spring Break, Winter Intersession, and Thanksgiving Break
  • AY Faculty may request up to 1.0 FTE appointment during intersession break pay regardless if the faculty has full-time or less than full-time appointment during the academic semester. (Only applies if the faculty do not have any other appointment(s) during intersession break.)
  • Benefit rate for AY Faculty with full time position during academic semester is 2.95%
  • Benefit rate for AY Faculty with less than full-time position with CalPERS eligibility during academic semester is 44.45%
  • Benefit rate for AY Faculty with less than full-time appointment with NO CalPERS eligibility during academic semester is 6.95%


Please note the following:

  • For more detailed information on the Academic Calendar, please visit this link:
  • Benefit rates changes every year
  • To request either RRT or Faculty Additional Pay, faculty pay / salary must be included in the budget approved by the funding agency
  • PI's are responsible for fulfilling Time & Effort Reporting requirements for RRT & Faculty Additional Pay on their projects