IRB Policy Regarding Unaffiliated Investigators

The ORSP Human and Animal Protections unit will charge a fee for IRB review to unaffiliated investigators who plan to conduct a study that engages the University in research and involves research volunteers. This applies to researchers from outside the University who are not connected in any way to SFSU.

The fees offset pre-review and administrative review costs, and the costs of hiring outside consultants or convening an extra full committee meeting if necessary.

Our fee schedule is published as a range, and the final fee will be determined after a pre-review or pre-submission consultation. The final fee will be based on the following considerations:

  • the length and complexity of the protocol;
  • the sponsoring agency;
  • the need to hire outside consultants for expertise;
  • the need to convene an extra meeting to accommodate the investigator.

Unaffiliated researchers are encouraged to confer with the Office about fees before submitting a protocol. Please be aware that unaffiliated researchers must secure an on-campus sponsor for their research.

Fee Schedule:

Initial Review of Non-exempt Research $2000
Initial Review of Expedited Research $1000
Initial Review of Exempt Research $500
Continuing Review of Non-exempt research $750
Major Modification $500
Minor Modification $250
Adverse Event Reporting no fee
Protocol Deviation/Violation Reporting no fee
Study Completion Report no fee