Renewing Your Approval

Continuing Projects

If you wish to continue your project (including the analysis of any identifiable data), you are responsible for renewing it annually. The renewal must be approved by our office before the day of expiration. Please allow one month for renewal processing: our office may request clarifications or revisions that must be addressed by the researcher(s) before renewal can be approved.

Renewals will not undergo pre-review until all pertinent documents have been received. All renewal requests must include:

Please check the "Continuation" box in the upper left corner of your new Protocol Approval Form. Additionally, your research progress must be addressed in your submission: you may update your protocol with information about the progress of your project or attach a cover letter summarizing the advancement of your research in the past year. When discussing your progress, please include the number of participants that have been recruited and any changes to methods and/or personnel.

All forms must be emailed as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word documents to