Protocol Modifications

If you would like to make changes to any aspects of your project, these changes must be reviewed and approved by the IRB office. Note that no changes may be implemented before they are officially approved. Please allow one month for modification processing: our office may request clarifications or revisions that must be addressed by the researcher(s) before modification(s) can be approved.

Modification requests will not undergo pre-review until all pertinent documents have been received. All modification requests must include:

  • Modification Request Form specifying all proposed changes.
  • All corresponding documents affected by the change(s). The documents required for various types of modifications are outlined in the Modification Request Form (above).
  • Highlighted changes within the corresponding documents.
  • If adding research assistants or changing the Primary Investigator, please provide their qualifications and a current CITI or NIH certificate.

* Please note that Expedited and Non-Exempt studies require the submission of an updated protocol. 

All forms must be emailed as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word to