Paying People from an Award


ORSP assists grant-funded Faculty, Staff, Graduate Student Assistants, and Student Assistants with various aspects of human resource and personnel administration for their projects including hiring, classification review, and payroll-related issues. 

Information on Reimbursed Release Time, Faculty Additional Pay, and procedures for a variety of hiring classifications are provided in this section.
There are various ways to pay people from an award, depending on the work they will be doing. Some position classifications are written into proposal budgets and, if allowable, are itemized in the budget included in the award notification. The links to the left represent the different types of hiring classifications, and include several other forms of payment grant-funded personnel may receive. For more information, please contact your ORSP Grant Human Resource Administrator/Specialist. 

ORSP HR Guide for PI


Absence Management

  • PIs should ensure that all employees (salaried & hourly staff) submit monthly Absences into the Absence Management system in a timely manner, verifying and approving that sick and vacation leave is accurately reported.
  • When employees claim vacation leave, this is a credit to the grant
  • If Absences are not reported in Absence Management in a timely manner, HR/Payroll would not be able to update the employee’s accrual in the system.
  • In addition, if Absences are not submitted in Absence Management in a timely manner, or leave time is not accurately reported, an inaccurate financial statement may be submitted to the funder.
  • Sick and vacation leave time must be used and reported by grant-funded employees according to the provisions of University policy and applicable collective bargaining agreements.
  • To report/submit sick and vacation leave time, please visit this link:
Uncollected or Undeliverable Paychecks 
Payroll paychecks should be picked up from the ORSP Office (ADM 471) within 5 days of pay day. If paychecks are not picked up within 5 days, ORSP returns them to the Disbursement Office. 
The State Controller’s Office (SCO) is no longer printing direct deposit advices for all employees on campus. Employees may access their earnings and deductions electronically through Cal Employee Connect (CEC). This tool will allow employees to view and print their earnings statements and W-2’s, along with personal information. 
Please visit this link to register in Cal Employee Connect:
For more information on payday schedule and deadlines, please refer to the payroll calendar below:

Requesting Time Base Changes for Staff

Contact your Grant Administrator and Grant Human Resource Administrator/ Specialist immediately if you are planning on making a time base change for grant-funded staff (either increasing or decreasing time bases).  It is important to provide ORSP advance notice prior to the effective date of the time base change to the staff appointment.


Employee Terminations and Resignations

Contact your Grant Administrator and Grant Human Resource Administrator/ Specialist to discuss employee separations (resignations and separations). Please provide ORSP with timely information about employee separations so the University can comply with federal and state labor laws governing final pay checks, vacation pay out (if any) and benefits information (COBRA).
  • Separation at the end of the employee's stated appointment period: If the employee will not be reappointed, contact your Grant Human Resource Administrator/ Specialist 30 days prior to the end date of their appointment. ORSP will inform the employee in writing of clearance procedures and provide information about benefits and final pay. Here is the link to submit SF State Clearance Request online
  • Separation before the stated end date of the employee's appointment period: If the separation will occur before the stated end date of the appointment period, contact your Grant Human Resource Administrator/ Specialist. PIs must submit requests in writing, including a justification for the action. HR will notify the employee in writing as specified by the applicable collective bargaining agreement.
  • Voluntary Resignation: Contact your Grant Human Resource Administrator/ Specialist when any employee on your project(s) resigns. If their resignation allows at least 72 hours of notice, SF State must have the final paycheck and vacation pay off available on the final day of employment.

Updating Personal Information (Active Staff)

ORSP can best serve you if we have your most current information on file. Please check your personal information annually. If any of your personal information changes at any time, update as necessary by following these steps:
  1. Access the portal by signing in at SF State Gateway:
  2. Find the Employee Services>HR Self Service>Launch HR Self Service> 
  3. Choose menu item My Personal Information
Information that can be updated via self-service includes:
  • Change Name (Preferred)
  • Change Home/Mailing Address
  • Change phone number(s)
  • Change Emergency Contact(s)
  • Change email address