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SFSU's Fiscal Affairs Business Systems (FABS) provides a finance reporting application using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) technology, referred to on campus as "CFS BI." This reporting solution is available to all Principal Investigators with active grants and contracts, and their administrative staff if requested.

Access the reporting solution at Financial Reporting 11g - Previously "Budget Office Reporting"
Alternatively, from, you can access by clicking on The "Quick Links" 3rd bullet.

Use your nine digit SF State ID and SF State password (the same as your SFSU email password) to login.

Contact the Fiscal Affairs Business Services Help Desk at x87143 or send an email to to report issues with access.

Basic Instructions for accessing your financial reports (for more detailed instructions, refer to one of the Fiscal Affairs BI User Guides linked below):

  • Login to OBIEE using your UIN & password
  • Click on Finance Reporting Application - Legacy BI for data through the end of 6/30/2011, and on Finance Reporting Application - CFS BI for data from 7/1/2011 and on
  • Click on the "GRANTS & CONTRACTS" dashboard link at the very top of the page
  • This will bring you to the "Available Balance Overview" tab, showing the available balance for all ORSP projects associated with the UIN used to login
    Note: there are columns for "Available Direct Cost," "Available Indirect Cost," and "Available Balance"  however, the "Available Direct Cost" column is the only balance you should consider, as the other columns include the University's Facilities & Administration fees
  • Clicking on either the linked project number in the "Project" column, or the "Financial Summary Report" tab will show you more detail on your balance
  • From there you can click on any of the blue linked numbers for additional details about those transactions.
  • You may also click on the various tabs (e.g. "Actual GL Detail MTD") near the top of the screen to access different types of information from canned reports.
  • You may also change the filter criteria located just below the tabs, as needed (e.g. "Fiscal Year").
  • Contact your Grant Administrator if you have any questions about any details you see in the reports.

Finance Reporting Login

Finance Reporting User Guide

Dashboard Training Guide

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