View Financial Reports

SFSU's Fiscal Affairs provides a finance reporting application referred to as "Finance Data Warehouse (FDW)". This reporting solution is available to all Principal Investigators with grants and contracts, and their administrative staff if requested.  To request access, complete the Finance Data Warehouse Access Request form located at Fiscal Affairs' Accounting webpage.

Access the financial reports at the FDW Login.  Use your SF State ID number and SF State password (the same as your SFSU email password) to login. You will also need your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) passcode [more information on 2FA can be found at the Information Technology Services (ITS) website.

Contact Information Technology Services by submitting an online Service Request Ticket, via email to report issues or problems.  One can also contact Cathy Liu, Associate Controller at Fiscal Affairs or at ORSP for Rowena Manalo, Info & Rptg Specialist and for LCD, Kari Wong, Senior Grant Human Resources Administrator. 

Basic Instructions for accessing your financial reports (for more detailed instructions, go to Fiscal Affairs’ Accounting webpage):

  • Login to Finance Data Warehouse (FDW) using your UIN, password and 2FA passcode.
  • For 3080-Grants & Contracts, use the following dashboards: Sponsored Programs, Labor Cost Distribution, and Transaction Inquiry
  • For assistance pre-setting your FDW reports or further one-on-one training, contact Cathy Liu or Rowena Manalo.  More information can be found in the FDW FAQs and Setup Guidelines.
  • Contact your assigned Grant Administrator if you have any questions about any details you see in your financial data.


Finance Data Warehouse (FDW) login

Fiscal Affairs’ Accounting webpage

Information Technology Services (ITS) website

FDW Login and Training Materials

FDW Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Setup Guidelines

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Data Security and FERPA login

Data Security and FERPA information

Finance Data Warehouse Access Request form

ITS online Service Request Ticket, via email

Cathy Liu at Fiscal Affairs, or ORSP for Rowena Manalo, Kari Wong or your assigned Grant Administrator