No-cost Time Extensions

  • Most No-cost Time Extensions (NCTE) requests on federal awards may be approved by SF State (the "grantee")
  • Most agencies require 10-90 days notice prior to the award's original end date
  • NCTEs typically do not exceed twelve months
  • Only in exceptional cases will more than one NCTE be approved by an agency
  • The format for these requests varies according to the agency's requirements; check with your Grant Administrator (GA) to clarify the appropriate format for your NCTE

NSF Awards: The first NCTE on an NSF award is considered a "notification," and can be approved by the grantee. If time is needed beyond the first extension a second NCTE is considered a "request" that must be approved by NSF. "Notifications" and "requests" must be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) via Fastlane, and should include the information outlined in the bulleted section below.

NIH Awards: If NCTEs are allowed on an NIH award, a link for "extension" is posted in the "status" area of the NIH Commons 90 days before the end date. Once the link is posted, ORSP can submit the request. To initiate this request, the PI should submit a request to his/her ORSP Grants Administrator (GA) with the information outline in the bulleted section below.

All Other Awards: PIs must submit requests for NCTEs to all other agencies in writing (by e-mail or in a memo) to their ORSP GA for review/approval. Approved requests are then forwarded to the Post-Award Manager in ORSP and, if approved, forwarded to the agency.

Requests should include:

  • Justification for the NCTE, including progress to date. The following reasons are acceptable:
    —Additional time beyond the initial end date is required to complete the project
    —The extension is necessary for an orderly phase-out of a project that will not receive continued support
  • Length of the requested NCTE
  • An estimate of funds that are expected to remain unobligated on the scheduled end date
  • A plan for how the funds will be used during the extension period

Please note: Requesting additional time simply to spend down remaining funds is not considered a reasonable justification.