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10 Things PIs Need to Know About Managing Grants

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ORSP assists PIs and their administrative staff in managing research projects throughout an award's lifecycle. There are a variety of award management functions that ORSP conducts to ensure compliance with a project's funding terms and conditions; basic information about the most common functions is provided in this section.

After the award has been fully executed, the PI will work with their GA to set up a budget for the award (based upon what was submitted in the grant proposal). If there is an identified collaborator or entity at another University, ORSP will establish a subcontract so they may conduct their portion of the work on the project.

Once the budget has been established, the PI can begin to spend grant funds to conduct their research.

Depending on the funder, the type of award, approved spending categories, and funded activities, the PI will need to: engage in aspects of the University's Compliance Program; review and approve expenditures on the project; submit progress reports to the funder, and / or request a no-cost time extension on the award. There are also standard procedures for closing out a project that are initiated by ORSP prior to the award's end date.