Requesting a Fund Advance

If you expect a delay in receiving your award or in getting the contract fully executed, but need to start your work, you can request a Fund Advance. This spending mechanism provides Principal Investigators (PIs) an opportunity to initiate research and to begin incurring project-related expenses prior to institutional acceptance of an externally-sponsored award.

Requests for Fund Advances must be approved by the PI's Dean and the ORSP Director. Fund advances may be approved because of an established relationship with the sponsoring agency and/or because the sponsor has indicated confidence that the project will be funded.

There are two types of Fund Advances:

Pre-Award Spending Account

  • To incur pre-award costs up to 90 calendar days prior to the award start date.
  • Applies only to federal sponsors that allow pre-award spending.
  • All award terms and conditions apply to pre-award expenditures.

Advance Account

  • When an award letter for a new grant has not yet been received
  • For a new budget year of a continuing grant
  • For a contract which has not yet been finalized
  • Advance Accounts will be established for 120 calendar days. Extensions beyond 120 calendar days must be approved by the Dean and the ORSP Director.

Fund Advance Policy and Procedure

Fund Advance Request Form

PIs must obtain their Dean's approval prior to submitting the Fund Advance Request form to their ORSP Grants Administrator. Supporting documentation, including copies of communication with the sponsor, a list of projects that have been recommended for funding, and/or a short history of the project and the nature of the relationship with the sponsor, should be included as it may assist the Dean and ORSP in making a decision about the Fund Advance.