What are other faculty at SF State researching?

Faculty often ask what other faculty at SF State are researching. Here are some suggestions:

Fresca (funded by the Chancellor's office) is an online faculty profile tool: https://fresca.calstate.edu/

However, many faculty have developed personal websites in lieu of using Fresca. We urge everyone to get on board with developing a Fresca profile. It has a tool that auto-populates your publications.

Web of Knowledge. Until Fresca is used more widely, I consult faculty publications in the Web of Knowledge to see what they are doing.

  • The Web of Science includes by default the databases of SCI citation index, SOC SCI citation index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index. You can deselect any one, and if you choose all three, there will be no dupes.
  • In the top search field type "San Francisco State Univ" and choose Address as the dropdown category for that field.
  • Select any other search filters.  The next screen will allow you to refine further.
  • If faculty are publishing in grey literature (eg, manuals, some monographs), or in journals that are not cited in Thomson Reuters, then they won't come up in the search. Conference proceedings, book reviews, lots of other categories are listed if you want to filter by that.
  • I am told that the Arts & Humanities citation index database is thin with respect to the journals they cover, fyi.
  • Note that books are not covered.

Contact ORSP. If conference proceedings and publications feel too delayed for you, please contact Michael Scott, AVP for Research mjscott@sfsu.edu. We at ORSP know who is doing what if they are applying for extramural (or intramural) funding.

Search agency award databases directly for funded research by SF State faculty:

  • NIH (type San Francisco State University in the Organization field)
  • NSF (SF State already selected)