Professors Wu (Chemistry) & He (Biology) Receive Patent

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Professors Weiming Wu (Chemistry) and Zheng Hui He (Biology) have received a patent for inventing new methods of inhibiting the growth of toxic bloom algae caused by cyanobacteria in freshwater environments. These methods can be used to treat cyanobacteria in ponds, reservoirs, pools, tanks, lakes, and other freshwater environments.

Cyanobacteria, also known as blue green algae, can grow in freshwater environments and give the water a greenish and murky appearance. The large scale growth of cyanobacteria in freshwater is called algae bloom, which stresses freshwater environments. Algae blooms can decrease the dissolved oxygen level in the water, therefore stressing the fish and other marine organism populations. Moreover, algae blooms can produce significant amounts of natural toxins that poison the environment.

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