2020-2021 SF State Research and Scholarly Activity Fund Awardees

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2020-2021 SF State Research and Scholarly Activity Fund Awardees


College of Ethnic Studies

Falu Bakrania, Associate Professor, Race and Resistance Studies, “Silicon Indians: Model Minorities and Technology in the age of Neoliberal Governance”

Anantha Sudhakar, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies, “Next Door Narratives: The Figure of the Neighbor in Asian American Women's Fiction”


Graduate College of Education

Christy Lao, Associate Professor, Elementary Education, “Project CIP: A Study of Effectiveness of Chinese Immersion Programs”

Kathleen Mortier, Assistant Professor, Special Education, “Inclusion Pilot Project”

Betty Yu, Associate Professor, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, “A study of the interactional supports that help young children on the autism spectrum from minority-language families learn English”


College of Health and Social Sciences

Fang-Yu Chou, Professor, Nursing, “Central Obesity and Cancer Prevention for Chinese American Women (Continuation)”

Gretchen George, Assistant Professor, Family, Interiors, Nutrition, & Apparel, “Reducing Anti-Fat Attitudes and Weight Bias Among First Year Experience Students”

Casey Nesbit, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, “Perceptions of Student Success”


Lam Family College of Business

Todd Feldman, Associate Professor, Finance, “Too Big to Fail Implied in US Bank Stock Returns”

Minu Kumar, Professor, Marketing, “Wait, wait, please tell me what is the risk of the drug in that commercial?”

John Logan, Professor, Labor and Employment Studies, “Protecting California Food Chain Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic”


College of Liberal and Creative Arts

Michael Anderson, Professor, Classics, “Via Consolare Project and SF State Excavations in Pompeii 2020-2021”

Laura Green, Assistant Professor, School of Cinema, “Camp Widow Documentary”

Jenny Lederer, Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature, “Medium Shapes Message: What the New Era of Screen-to-screen Communication Teaches Us about Language Structure and Use”



Morning Star Padilla, Art and Humanities Librarian, Library Research and Instruction Services, “Mapping Information Literacy for Student Success”


College of Science and Engineering

Melissa Hagan, Assistant Professor, Psychology, “Coping with the COVID Pandemic and Other Traumatic Stressors: Identifying Targeted Techniques for Recurrent Negative Emotion Regulation”

Mary Leech, Professor, Earth and Climate Sciences, “Thermodynamic modeling of high-pressure/-temperature rocks from the Adirondack Highlands, New York”

Jingjing Qiu, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Electrifying organic synthesis: investigation of electro-oxidation of 4-(hydroxymethyl) benzoic acid”