Applying for a Grant

When you are interested in obtaining grant funding, ORSP is available to assist you at each step along the way.

If you are looking for funding sources, please see our resources for finding funding. Please note that if you plan to pursue funding from corporations or foundations we highly encourage you to contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations to discuss your project.

Once you have identified where you plan to apply, please inform us by filling out a PI Checklist, so that we can begin helping you with your proposal submission. Ideally, you should submit your PI Checklist at least 5 weeks before your deadline, so that we can ensure we will have the staffing resources available to work with you.

As soon as we receive your PI Checklist, a member of our staff will contact you to schedule a meeting about your proposal. An HR specialist also will attend, to help with staffing classifications, salary and benefits information.

Grant writing and editing assistance is also available.

Publishing your research prior to submitting a grant proposal may increase your chances of being funded. This document on writing for publications comes from a spring 2009 workshop facilitated by Nina Wallerstein, Dr.P.H. (University of New Mexico). The presentation is geared towards public health and Community-Based Participatory Research, but the content is useful and applicable to scholarly writing across disciplines.