Statistical Consultations


Stat CORR at SFSU is an ORSP-funded group whose aim is to support faculty in their statistical analysis needs. They can direct you to SFSU faculty who are expert in particular areas/software. Contact Rick Harvey ( or x8-3478) or Ed Connor ( or x8-6997) of the Stat CORR group for further information.

UCSF Consultation Services

We are registered as a UCSF-Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) affiliate. Contact Michael Scott, AVP for Research (415-405-3943 or for arranging consultation services with them for a wide range of design and statistical needs. ORSP can support initial consultations with this group.

What kind of help can you get from UCSF Consultation Services?

Biostatistical Issues:
Choosing statistical methods
Multivariable modeling
Other statistical analyses
Interpreting results
Responding to reviews
Sample size planning
Other biostatistical issues (For data cleaning/formatting, see Data Management Issues, below. For assistance with analysis of genomic, proteomic, microarray or sequence data please request assistance from Bioinformatics Data Analysis.)

Study Design and Implementation Issues:
Choosing type of study (case-control, cohort, trial, etc)
Sampling strategy, selection of controls
Design of survey instruments
Identification of existing databases
Measurement, quality control
Randomization and blinding schemes
Recruitment, retention, and logistical issues
Multicenter study coordination
Data and Safety Monitoring
Qualitative data collection (focus groups, interviews, ethnographic observation, etc.)
Qualitative data management (transcription, coding, and analysis software)

Data Management Issues:
Data cleaning and formatting
General data management advice
Choosing database platform/vendor
Querying existing database
Custom system development, hosted by investigator and supported with hourly recharges
Custom system development, hosted and supported by Consultation Services on a recharge basis
Other data management issues