Connect to Statistical Software

Software is available at no cost to faculty via campus computers

  1. If you are using Windows (XP, Vista or 7), access the Remote Desktop software through your Start menu.
  2. In the field marked "Computer", type this:
  3. In the screen that follows, enter your email address (, and your email password
  4. In the next screen (blue), similar to Windows, press the Start button on the bottom left of the blue screen, then select All Programs
  5. This will bring up list of available statistical programs. As of today, a number of software packages are available, such as, ArcGIS, R, SPSS, STATA 11,  Scientific Software's ATLAS ti6, SAS, SUDAAN (accessed through SAS), Mplus, and others.
  6. Click on the folder of the program of interest, and then click on the application itself.
  7. To logoff labspace, press the Start menu again, and click on the small arrow next to the lock icon and select Logoff. (this may appear differently in other operating systems)

For macintosh or other connection questions or issues, please contact
Off campus connections are being developed. Please stay tuned.

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