Request, Access, and Submit POs and Requisitions

A PO is a guarantee from the University to pay a future invoice. It can be used to purchase a variety of types of items for your project, including supplies, services, recurring charges, independent contractors, and University Corporation work orders. It should be set up in advance of the purchase (or before an invoice is issued). If an invoice has been submitted for an expense on your project, but a PO was not created first, the invoice will be paid and the PO process will not be initiated.

A PO is initiated by creating a Requisition in CFS (Common Financial System). PIs and administrative staff on projects who do not already have CFS access can request access by submitting a CFS Access Request form to their ORSP GA.

A requisition number is issued once it has been requested. The requisition goes through an electronic approval process and Procurement, the final approver in this process, creates a PO and issues PO number if approved.

Once the PO has been created and an invoice issued to the PI, the invoice(s) is submitted to ORSP with the signature of anyone with signature authority on the project, a brief statement indicating "OK to pay," and the PO number anywhere on the invoice. ORSP reviews and approves the invoice, and Accounts Payable will then issue payment.

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