Research and Service Organizations (RSOs)

Academic Affairs
College of Business
College of Education
College of Ethnic Studies
College of Health & Social Sciences
College of Liberal & Creative Arts
College of Science & Engineering

Academic Affairs

Confucius Institute promotes understanding of the Chinese language and culture through facilitating instruction; provides professional Chinese language training to the community, as well as training to teachers of Chinese as a foreign language; develops teaching materials and curriculum, and promotes educational exchange, research, and cooperation between the United States and the People's Republic of China.

Burk Hall, Room 325, (415) 338-7631
Director: Jiaxin Xie

Health Equity Institute creates an intellectual environment that encourages diversity of perspectives, challenges conventional approaches, and produces innovative action-oriented research in the biomedical and behavioral sciences in order to improve health, eliminate health disparities, and establish equity in health.

HSS Building, Room 359, (415) 405-2540
Director: Cynthia A. Gomez

College of Business

The Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business (CESB) is a regional catalyst in business ethics and sustainability for the Bay Area business community in developing future business leaders and supporting Bay Area professionals to be committed to addressing ethical, social and environmental issues through business practice, research and scholarship.

Main Campus, 1600 Holloway Ave., Business Building BUS 344
Director: Denise Kleinrichert, PhD

College of Education

Center for Adult Education presents adult education theories, principles and practices to those who are interested in developing traditional and non-traditional programs, who are planning and administering human resources development training programs, and who are interested in teaching.

Burk Hall, Room 267, (415) 338-2614
Directors: Doris Flowers and Ming-Yeh Lee

College of Ethnic Studies

Cesar E. Chavez Institute (CCI) studies and documents the impact of social oppression on the health, education, and well-being of disenfranchised communities in the U.S. CCI aims to bridge academic research and the practice of community empowerment through multiple approaches, including participatory action research, that make the Institute's studies and research findings accessible and useful to policy makers, service providers, educators, and community advocates.

Ethnic Studies & Psychology Building, Room 406
Director: Belinda Reyes

College of Health & Social Sciences

Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality specializes in research, education, training, and policy efforts that promote healthy sexuality, while reducing gender inequality and health disparities.

Downtown Campus, 835 Market Street, Suite 523-525, (415) 817-4512
Director: Colleen Hoff

Children's Campus: A Center for Early Care and Education, Professional Development and Research was established to provide high quality early care and education with a foundation in evidence based practice for infants, toddlers and pre-school children; to prepare future teachers with critical competencies in child development, and to engage in and support research related to child development, curriculum and teaching.

North State Drive @ Lake Merced Boulevard, SFSU, (415) 405-4011
Interim Director: Anna Tobin-Wallis

Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) provides opportunities for civic engagement and leadership development at San Francisco State University for students, faculty, and community members.  Through innovative courses, experiential learning, political engagement, participatory action research, and direct services, we partner the resources and expertise of the urban university with the knowledge and assets of diverse communities.  Working locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally, we cultivate strong leaders who will effectively advocate for social, economic and education inclusion, and fully participate in the civic life and political processes of their communities.

HSS Building, Room 206, (415) 338-6419
Interim Director: Jen L. Gasang

Institute for Holistic Healing Studies develops, coordinates, and offers curricula, studies and training in integral healing including holistic health and Chinese healing systems, as well as develops extramural funding for research and development in this area.

HSS Building, Room 326, (415) 338-1413
Director: Adam Burke

Marian Wright Edelman Institute develops and implements an interdisciplinary cross-professional degree program(s) in Child Development with studies in children, youth, and families that incorporates research, community outreach and training components.

HSS Building, Room 258, (415) 338-7673
Director: David Anderson

Pacific Leadership Institute (PLI) provides a menu of programs centered on learn-by-doing opportunities using the value of challenge, the power of play, and the great outdoors as teaching tools for building life skills such as self-esteem, leadership, and the ability to work as a team. PLI offers a wide range of community-based programs serving youth, schools, and university programs at SF State and other institutions around the Bay Area. Beyond our innovative programs, the core of PLI is centered on a youth empowerment and leadership development model dedicated to training, preparing, and researching the impacts of experiential education on young people. PLI reaches out to the broader community regarding building leadership skills, embracing recreation education and civic engagement, and fostering healthy lifestyles. PLI has opportunities for student interns (college and high school), volunteers, and both graduate student and faculty research.

HSS Building, Room 307, (415) 338-6883
Director: Nina Roberts

College of Liberal & Creative Arts

Center for Modern Greek Studies promotes the study of modern Greek language, literature, history and culture of contemporary Greece in relation to its Byzantine and earlier Hellenic history and cultural achievements.

Humanities Building, Room 577, (415) 338-1892
Directors: David Leitao and Alexandra Pappas

Documentary Film Institute (DocFilm) provides a structure for collaboration among artists, educators, policymakers, and scholars in the public and private sectors who are committed to exploring and developing new forms and functions for documentary filmmaking. DocFilm functions as a production hub and incubator in which individual filmmakers, researchers, community members, and entrepreneurs pursue a variety of projects, whether they are emerging talents or established veterans. In addition, DocFilm supports applied research initiatives and critical discourse, from large-scale grants relating to documentation to conferences on the documentary tradition. Dialogue, cooperation, and support among its partners across campus and in the community guide DocFilm’s activities and primary objective to make SF State and the San Francisco Bay Area a center for excellence in documentary film production, culture, exhibition, and research.

Creative Arts Building, Room 001, (415) 405-3753
Director: Soumyaa Kapil Behrens

Dilena Takeyama Center is a center for the Study of Japan and Japanese Culture that aims to promote the study of Japan, promote understanding between the United States and Japan, and also cultivate new leaders and voices in the field of U.S.-Japan Relations.

Humanities Building, Room 539, (415) 338-3162
Director: Jon Funabiki

The Global Museum: the New University Museum at San Francisco State University is a place in which to appreciate the power of diverse communities in a globally connected world. As a responsible steward of cultural heritage, a place of scholarship, community, and engagement, the Global Museum will create experiences that foster life-long learning, collaboration with and among diverse communities, and reflection about global society and our common humanity. The Global Museum will use family- and student-oriented exhibits to offer innovative educational programming around its collections to SFSU, the extended San Francisco community and Bay Area school districts. The University Museum anticipates exhibiting its outstanding collections from Oceania, Asia, North America, and Africa late in 2015, as it prepares new exhibition and collections spaces in the Fine Arts Building that will serve as a collections stewardship and exhibition hub for the greater SFSU community.

Fine Arts Building, Room 293, (415) 405-0599
Director: Edward M. Luby

Lab for Media and Community aims to explore and improve the role of journalism in strengthening communities, as well as create and pursue innovative responses to the changing technology of communications, evolving media and the dynamic demographics that mark the San Francisco Bay Area.

Humanities Building, Room 539, (415) 338-3162
Director: Jon Funabiki

Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability advances research on the nature of disability while also introducing the topic into the curriculum campus-wide.

Humanities Building, Room 135, (415) 405-3528
Director: Catherine J. Kudlick

Poetry Center & American Poetry Archives presents readings by poets, novelists, and other writers in accord with the highest standards of literary excellence and houses a collection of over 2,000 original recordings of poets and writers reading from their works.

Humanities Building, Room 511-512, (415) 338-2227
Director: Steve Dickison

Veteran Documentary Corps (VDC) acts as a hub and incubator in which documentary filmmakers, researchers, community members, and entrepreneurs pursue projects connected to the veteran experience. VDC’s goal is to facilitate greater understanding of the diverse personalities, struggles and successes that define the veteran experience through the art of documentary filmmaking.  VDC’s objective is to make SF State an international center of excellence for veteran-themed film production, culture, exhibition, and research.

Creative Arts Building, Room 251, (415) 338-1471
Director: Daniel Bernardi

Morrison Center for Chamber Music RSO developed by Cyrus Ginwala of the School of Music in consultation with me, with LCA Development Director Chris Hepp, and with the trustees of the May Treat Morrison Foundation. The Morrison Foundation annually funds the Visiting Artist Series and partially funds the Alexander String Quartet, the university’s Ensemble in Residence.

College of Science & Engineering

Center for Computing for Life Sciences is a multidisciplinary center addressing a wide range of scientific, technological and application problems in computing for life sciences that span the intersection of Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics with Computer Sciences and Mathematics.

Hensill Hall, Room 301-306, (415) 338-1008
Director: Dragutin Petkovic

Industrial Assessment Center serves the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers in Northern California by providing cost free engineering assessments related to energy, waste and productivity.

Science Building, Room 151, (415) 338-6218
Director: Ahmad Ganji

Institute for Geographic Information Science provides software site licenses, a training program, and most importantly a structure for intercampus dialogue on issues confronting faculty attempting to apply GIS technology in their educational and research programs.

HSS Building, Room 288, (415) 338-3566
Director: Jerry Davis

Romberg Tiburon Center is a marine research field station that focuses on gaining a fundamental understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes of the San Francisco Bay, the adjacent coastal environments and marine ecosystems world-wide.

3152 Paradise Drive, Tiburon, CA, (415) 338-6063
Director: Karina Nielsen