Special Update: Federal Government Shutdown Impact of Grants at SF State

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PI Update from ORSP
Federal Government Shutdown and the Impact on Proposals and Grants at SF State September 30th, 2013

Dear Principal Investigators and Staff,

As you may already know, in the absence of a budget resolution, there is the potential for a Federal Government shutdown, effective midnight September 30th.

ORSP will keep lines of communication open with the campus community and as we receive new information, we will update our website (www.research.sfsu.edu ) and will send out special memos and notifications to affected PI groups, departments and colleges.

ORSP is committed to minimizing the impact on PI projects and funding, as well as proposal submissions.  In the event that a budget is not conferred, we will continue to support sponsored project activity, with a goal of minimizing the impact on SF State research programs.

Below is a list of potential impacts and actions related to the possible government shutdown. Please note that different agencies are proposing their own action plans, and depending on your funding, you may be differentially affected.

Please be sure to remain in contact with your Grant Administrator or Sponsored Programs Manager if you have any questions or concerns.

·         Active grants and contracts funded with FY 2013, or prior year appropriations can continue.

·         New grant applications may not be accepted

·         Spending may continue if the award has already been received, unless a stop work order or other such notification is received.

·         Spending on awards not yet received (new, continuing or renewal) will require the authorization of a fund advance by the PIs Dean before spending can occur

·         Federal agency employees will not be available for processing administrative and operational issues (special requests, no cost extensions, budget revisions)

·         Functionality of automated payment and proposal submission systems will likely be impacted.

·         Electronic systems may or may not be available

·         No new awards will be processed.

·         Please see below for agency specific notifications, stay tuned for updates.

We have received notification from many of our funders, and these are posted on our website: http://research.sfsu.edu

We will keep you apprised of any new developments.


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