PI Update - May 2013

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PI Update from ORSP
Important information and updates for ORSP Principal Investigators May 7 2013

Important Deadlines for Additional Pay, RRT and Other Personnel Requests 

Please submit your request online at http://research.sfsu.edu/rrt/rrt


Summer 2013  Deadline to Request Additional Pay
June 4-30 (19 days) May 15th, 2013
July 1-30 (22 days) June 14th, 2013
July 31- August 23 (18 days) July 15th, 2013
Fall 2013 Deadline to Request RRT (Reimbursed Release Time)
  July 15th, 2013




Important information for PIs:  Please ensure that your salaried staffs enter their claimed sick and vacation time in Absence Management and that you review and approve these absences: (http://sfsu.edu/~hrwww/guides/HR_Self_Service/SS_Mgr-Approve%20Rpted%20Absences.pdf)

This is very important for the financial health of your grant as these claimed absences are credited back to your project.

For guidance on personnel actions (hiring staff and students, terminations, changes in effort, etc.), please visit http://research.sfsu.edu/paypeople/paypeople.html. To contact the Personnel Team visit http://research.sfsu.edu/staffdirectory.html


Current/Active Projects

Please check the BI tool (https://ids.sfsu.edu/bifinance/) online to review the monthly activity on your projects and confirm that current spending and projected spend-down is in line with your awarded budget.

Contact your Grants Administrator (GA) if you have any questions or are planning any changes to the project (i.e., request to re-budget, request for no-cost extension, etc.). 

Follow agency guidelines when making changes that affect your project. 

Link to BI Tool for Financial Reports  https://ids.sfsu.edu/bifinance/



Do you need to contact your Grants Administrator, Grant Support Coordinator, or Personnel Specialist/Assistant?

Please visit http://research.sfsu.edu/staffdirectory.html for their contact information.


Do you need to contact your Grant Team’s Manager?

Michelle Gagnon, Personnel and HSS, mgagnon@sfsu.edu, 338-1792

Susan Pelton, COSE and HSS post-award, spelton@sfsu.edu, 338-7090

 Jackie White, Pre-ward, whitej@sfsu.edu, 338-3578

For more information about ORSP, please visit our websitePlease ‘refresh’ the ORSP webpage whenever you visit it!


National Science Board Survey on Administrative Burdens

The National Science Board has released a request for information, asking for PI input on the impact of administrative burdens on research activities.  This is not restricted to PIs funded by the National Science Foundation, and we strongly encourage you to participate in the survey.

Over the past decade two Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Faculty Workload Surveys indicate that administrative burdens associated with Federal research funding consume roughly 42% of an awardee’s available research time. To help address these issues the National Science Board, which establishes the policies of NSF and serves as an independent body of advisors to both the President and the Congress, created a Task Force on Administrative Burdens. The Task Force is charged with examining the administrative burden imposed on Federally-supported researchers and offering recommendations to reduce their administrative workload. A Request for Information (RFI) was released on March 25, 2013 seeking input from Principal Investigators on ways to reduce their administrative burden.

The Task Force is interested in hearing from researchers and administrators from diverse institutions to better understand their collective concerns about the administrative workload associated with Federal awards and how we might address them. http://www.nsf.gov/nsb/committees/ab/tskforce_ab_rfi.jsp

Please take a few moments to provide your feedback to this important initiative by the May 24th deadline.


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