ORSP PI Update- June 3, 2014

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PI Update from ORSP
Reminders and Updates June 3, 2014

Dear PIs  and staff,

Happy end of the semester!  As we begin our summer and the fiscal year comes to an end, I wanted to take a moment to remind you of a few new and ongoing items that are of interest to you.

We have had some staff turnover in the last few months.  Our ORSP website and directory are always the best and most current sources of information.

New PI Acknowledgement of Responsibility form (see announcement from Fiscal Affairs below)

In order to comply with CSU guidelines, ORSP is instituting an online “PI Acknowledgement of Responsibility” form as part of the New Award Notification. 

The PI for any new ORSP project must formally accept responsibility for their sponsored project via the new online form.

In the text of the announcement email sent to the PI, a link to the details of this responsibility will be included.

The project will not be activated until the PI has submitted this form.

The related policy can be found on our ORSP website .

Summer Salary and RRT

Please remember to submit your requests for Summer Salary and Fall 2014 RRT- http://research.sfsu.edu/rrt/rrt

Please submit your requests no later than July 15th.

Packing Slip requirements from Fiscal Affairs

As part of the year end reconciliation, Fiscal Affairs is requiring the following:

P-card purchases:

In your monthly p-card report, please provide a packing slip for purchases made with your University p-card between June 21- July 20, 2014 only.

If there is no packing slip, you can use one receipt certification for multiple purchases but you must itemize each purchase and date the purchase was received.

All other purchases:

For all Direct Pay Requests (reimbursements), a packing slip or receipt certification is required through Sept. 30, 2014.

For all invoices, a packing slip or receipt certification is required through Sept. 30, 2014.

** Thank you for your assistance in complying with these requirements.  Your Grant Administrators and Grant Support Coordinators are here to assist you with any questions.**

Announcing Three (3) Year Approval for Qualifying Minimal Risk Research

Utilizing flexibility available under our Federalwide Assurance (FWA) regarding certain study approval periods, the Institutional Review Board and ORSP - Human and Animal Protections are pleased to announce the following change in policy:

Effective May 1, 2014, the IRB will begin issuing three (3) year approvals for research that qualifies for this extended approval period for new protocols. To qualify, the research must:

1.            involve no more than minimal risk to participants (as defined by 45 CFR 46.102);

2.            not be supported by federal funds; and

3.            not be subject to federal oversight.

To extend the expiration date on existing approved protocols, please contact our office directly for more information (protocol@sfsu.edu).

SF State logo

Bon Bitonio
Controller, Fiscal Affairs
1600 Holloway Avenue, ADM 350
San Francisco, CA 94132

Phone: 415/338-2582
Web: fiscaff.sfsu.edu


June 2, 2014


CFS Users and Business Managers


Bon Bitonio, Controller, Fiscal Affairs


Fiscal Year-End Packing Slip Requirements

CFS Users,

During the year-end Fiscal Affairs Users Group Meeting in May, a new packing slip requirement was announced to satisfy a year-end audit requirement. Effective immediately, the Accounting Office requires that a packing slip be attached to the invoice when submitting to Accounts Payable for payment processing. This requirement will substantiate the date the goods/services were received. This information will determine whether or not the expense should be recorded in FY 13-14. Below is the update to the packing slip requirement:

Please see below the periods covered:

Departmental P-card:

  • Provide packing slip for P-Card purchases made beginning June 21 through July 20, 2014 only.
    • If there is no packing slip, you are to complete a Receipt Certification that can be used for multiple purchases. This must be itemized with each purchase including date received.

Invoices & Direct Payment Request:

For questions regarding this process please contact Bon Bitonio at (415)338-2582 or bonb@sfsu.edu.

Thank you.


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