ORSP News and Updates- March 2013

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PI Update from ORSP
Important News and Updates for ORSP PIs March 2013

Important Personnel Deadlines for Additional Pay, RRT and Other Personnel Requests 

Please submit your request online at http://research.sfsu.edu/rrt/rrt.html

Faculty Additional Pay Request Deadlines

Deadline to Request Additional Pay

Spring Break 2013

March 25 -29 (5 days)

February 22

Summer 2013

June 4-30 (19 days)

May 15

July 1 – 30 (22 days)

June 14

July 31- August 23 (18 days)

July 15


RRT (Reimbursed Release Time) Deadlines        

Deadline to Request RRT

  Fall 2013

Monday 7/15/2013



For guidance on personnel actions (hiring staff and students, terminations, changes in effort, etc.), please visit http://research.sfsu.edu/paypeople/paypeople.html. To contact the Personnel Team visit http://research.sfsu.edu/staffdirectory.html


New Proposals  Are you thinking about or planning to submit a proposal? Please submit your PI Checklist today http://research.sfsu.edu/applyforgrant/applyforgrant.html


The Route to Successful Grant Submissions See the roadmap at http://research.sfsu.edu/applyforgrant/route.html

External pre-review of federal proposals http://research.sfsu.edu/whatsnew/whatsnew.html#extrev

ORSP will pay for a pre-review of your federal agency proposal, if the narrative section is submitted one month before the proposal is due. If you feel you meet this criterion, please email Dr. Turkkan jturkkan@sfsu.edu a draft proposal narrative one month prior to the submission date. Include in your email names of several federally funded researchers who are working in your topic (ideally, those who you referenced in the narrative).



Current/Active Projects  

Please check the BI tool (https://ids.sfsu.edu/bifinance/) online to review the monthly activity on your projects and confirm that current spending and projected spend-down is in line with your awarded budget.

Contact your Grants Administrator (GA) if you have any questions or are planning any changes to the project (i.e., request to re-budget, request for no-cost extension, etc.). 

Follow agency guidelines when making changes that affect your project. 


Old or Recently-Ended Projects  

Please contact your GA to close out old or recently-ended projects. Be sure to submit all required reports due at the end of a project period.

Let us know if you need to continue or terminate employees on your sponsored project?

         Link to BI Tool for Financial Reports  https://ids.sfsu.edu/bifinance/

Guidelines for purchasing and reimbursement requests:




Do you need to contact your Grants Administrator, Grant Support Coordinator, or Personnel Specialist?

Please visit http://research.sfsu.edu/staffdirectory.html for their contact information.

Do you need to contact your Grant Team’s Manager?

            Michelle Gagnon, HR, Special Projects Manager mgagnon@sfsu.edu, 338-1792

            Susan Pelton, Post Award Manager, spelton@sfsu.edu, 338-7090

            Jackie White, Pre-Award Manager, whitej@sfsu.edu, 338-3578

For more information about ORSP, please visit our website. Please ‘refresh’ the ORSP webpage whenever you visit it! 


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