Hire Students

PI/ Supervisor MUST read Graduate Assistant Eligibility before

>>Go to Graduate Assistant Hiring Form

>> Go to Student Assistant Hiring Form

>> Inputting Time Instructions

The following should be taken into consideration if you want to hire a Student Assistant on your project:

  • Student Assistants must be enrolled at SF State at least half (50%) time
  • Student Assistant positions are not Work Study positions
  • Student Assistant positions cannot extend past the employee's graduation date
  • Student Assistants (except Bridge Student Assistants, see below) can work no more than 20 hours per week (on average)

There are 4 types of Student Assistants:

  • Regular Student Assistants: duties typically include clerical, technical, custodial, labor, or lab/research work
  • International Student Assistants: duties are the same as above, but the student is studying at SF State on a non-immigrant visa (F-1/J-1 visa)
  • Bridge Student Assistants: duties are the same as above, but the student may temporarily work more than 20 hours per week (e.g. during winter break). Bridge Student Assistants can also work over the summer if not enrolled for classes, but must go back to school in the fall. Let your ORSP HR Specialist know if you will be hiring a Bridge Student Assistant
  • Instructional Student Assistants: duties typically include tutoring, grading, and/or teaching work


The PI first completes the online Student Assistant & Instructional Student Assistant Hiring Request form. Upon completion of the Student Assistant & Instructional Student Assistant Hiring Request form, the Student Assistant must complete the I-9 verification process with the Dean of Students office and the hiring paperwork with ORSP.

Student assistant will need to bring documentation to the Dean of Student office to complete the I-9 verification process.

Please click here for the I-9 form and the list of acceptable documents


Then the Student Assistant will need to visit ORSP to complete the hiring packet. Once the student assistant has completed the I-9 process, and hiring paperwork, the Student Assistant may begin working on the project, and report hours worked online via SF State Gateway system in order to get paid.


  • Students and Postdoctoral researchers being paid from NSF funds must complete CITI training and submit a Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training Certification Form before time of hire. More information on Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Students must report hours worked via SF State Gateway system, and requires PI/Supervisor approval by the HR First-Level Approver deadline in order to be paid on time
  • Students are paid on the 15th of each month
  • International SAs must contact the Internal Audit Office for information on Nonresident Alien Taxation and to complete the associated paperwork prior to being hired
  • Average hours/mo for S/A=80 hours/mo ; Feb-Dec= approx. = 640 hrs
    Average hours/mo for Bridge S/A=160hrs/mo; Jan; June-Aug=640 hrs
    Total hours per calendar year; approx.. 1280 hrs/yr


Uncollected or Undeliverable Paychecks

Direct Deposit Eligibility

Financial Aid Office's Student Assistant website

Internal Audit's Nonresident Alien Taxation website