Hiring Salaried Staff

Once you have determined that you want to hire salaried staff for your project, follow these steps:

  • Inform your ORSP HR Specialist of your intention to hire for a grant-funded position. They will let you know the appropriate classification and salary schedule to use; you will inform them of the length of appointment and confirm the project number to be charged.
  • If you do not know who you want to hire, the job will need to be posted and the standard SF State interview and selection procedure will be followed. Refer to the Hiring Process & Posting Procedures document for more information.
  • If the employee is specified by name in the grant proposal, or if you know who will want to hire for the position, you will not need to follow posting procedures and can simply ask the employee candidate to contact your HR Specialist in order to complete a hiring packet. Complete a Staff Employment Recommendation form and submit to ORSP. Note that you must prepare a justification for higher compensation if you choose to pay a candidate above the mid-point of the salary range for the classification.
  • After all forms have been completed, reviewed and approved, the HR Specialist will create an ETRAC. The PI must respond to all ETRAC-related emails with the appropriate action in HRMS.
  • Hourly staff must complete and submit Absence Reports in a timely manner, paying attention to deadlines
  • Hourly staff are paid on the 15th of each month

Absence Reports

Uncollected or Undeliverable Paychecks

Requesting Time Base Changes for Staff

Employee Terminations and Resignations

Direct Deposit Eligibility

SF State Human Resources

SF State Human Resources Forms

Absence and Additional Time Worked Report (STD. 634)

Absence and Additional Time Worked Report (STD. 634) Instructions

Hiring Process & Posting Procedures


Salaried staff appointed for 6 months and 1 day at .50 time base or more are eligible for the following benefits plans: medical, dental, vision, life, CalPERS retirement.

With Absence & Additional Time Worked Reports:

  • PIs verify that employees submit monthly Absence Reports on time and accurately report sick / vacation leave
  • If Absence Reports are not submitted to ORSP on time, or if leave is incorrectly reported, inaccurate financial statements may be submitted to the funder (e.g. if leave is not recorded, the grant is not credited, and the funder may be overcharged)
  • When employees claim sick / vacation leave, this is a CREDIT to the grant
  • PI's may not ask employees to claim sick / vacation leave to secure a credit to the grant. Sick / vacation leave must be used and reported according to applicable University policies and collective bargaining agreements.