Hire Independent Contractors

An independent contractor:

  • Is not a current CSU or State employee
  • Is not hired as an SF State employee
  • Has a distinct occupation, profession, business, or trade that is not regularly a part of University business
  • Agrees to complete a specific piece of work for an agreed upon fee
  • Also provides services to non-University clients
  • Supplies his/her own tools, materials and work space

Independent Contractors should be included in proposal budgets, and are therefore approved by the agency via the budget in the award notification. If such an arrangement was not pre-approved by the funding agency, check with your GA to find out if it can be added later.

In all cases, you must contact your GA to determine if the Independent Contractor hiring process is appropriate for your project. You must do this prior to making arrangements for a potential Independent Contractor to work on your project.

PIs should know who they want to hire as an Independent Contractor to work on the project. The PI will contact their ORSP GA or GSC to get the required paperwork for the entity being hired.

The Independent Contractor completes all paperwork and returns to the GA/GSC in ORSP, who will review for completion (including correct dates).

The GSC creates a requisition to generate a Purchase Order (PO). Once the PO has been setup, the Independent Contractor can start invoicing for their services.

The PI reviews, and signs to approve the invoices. If the PI knows an invoice that is being submitted is the last one, they can write "Final" on the invoice so Accounts Payable knows to close the PO.

Special Consultant-Independent Contractor Hiring Procedures Practice Directive 156