Hiring Special Consultants

A special consultant:

  • Is an individual hired as an SF State employee to work under general direction to complete a professional assignment requiring the consultant's particular knowledge, ability or expertise
  • Is paid based on a daily rate (SF State minimum $91/day, maximum $1,214/day; refer to the CSU Salary Schedule, Class Code 4660)
  • Is appointed when no other appropriate CSU classification is available

Information on Special Consultants is taken from SF State's Special Consultant-Independent Contractor Hiring Procedures Practice Directive 156.

If you are confident that you will need to hire a Special Consultant on your project, complete the Appointment of Special Consultant form. On this form you will provide a brief description of the work they will be hired to do in order to confirm that you will, in fact, need a Special Consultant. Submit the completed form to your HR Specialist in ORSP.

Once the position has been confirmed as requiring a Special Consultant, the Special Consultant you want to hire should contact the HR Specialist for your project to schedule an appointment to visit the ORSP office and complete all required paperwork. During this appointment with the Special Consultant, the HR Specialist will review all paperwork and explain how to complete the Special Consultant time sheet); the Special Consultant will submit all forms to the HR Specialist during this meeting.

As soon as hiring paperwork for Special Consultants is processed, they are entered in the HR system, and should begin to submit their timesheets to the PI on the project. The PI reviews for accuracy, signs where required, and returns to ORSP for processing.

Special Consultant-Independent Contractor Hiring Procedures Practice Directive 156

Appointment of Special Consultant form

Special Consultant time sheet