Time & Effort Reporting

Effort reports for both the Principal Investigators and their grant-funded staff (except hourly staff and students) are sent directly to faculty for certification. The PI needs to:

  1. Verify that all general information in Faculty Information and Effort Information is accurate
  2. Review all information in the Sponsored Projects Detail and Non-Sponsored Detail sections for accuracy.
    Projects Information: Confirm that all sponsored projects worked on during the appointment period are listed and that the Project Title and Project ID are accurate. If you have an employee who also worked for another PI during the same time period, only certify the projects for which you are the PI.
    Non-Sponsored Detail: One row, Other SFSU Functions, will be listed. This includes any activities such as instruction, administration, departmental research, and any Foundation research not administered by ORSP.
  3. Review all information in the Salary Charged column
    Dollars: The amount of salary charged to each sponsored project during the appointment period. All cost sharing should be included in the cost sharing row.
    % Salary: Percent effort calculated based on the Dollars column, including any cost sharing
  4. Complete the Actual Effort column
    Indicate the percent effort dedicated to each Sponsored Project and Other SFSU Functions. If one of your Sponsored Projects for the period is missing, list the project and percent effort at the bottom of the effort report.
    Total effort must equal 100%
  5. Certify the effort report:
    Once the Actual Effort column has been completed in accordance with the statement at the bottom of the form, the effort report should be signed. Supervisor signature is not necessary for faculty.
    If the effort report is for professional staff (non-faculty) the PI signs as Supervisor and the staff member reviews the effort report and signs as Employee. If the employee is no longer at SF State, the Supervisor should sign and date the effort report and make a note at the bottom.
  6. Make a copy for your records and return the effort reports to ORSP (ADM 471) no later than the posted deadline. If there are any discrepancies between salary charged to a Sponsored Project, and actual effort attributed to that project, ORSP will follow up with any necessary accounting adjustments.

Time and Effort Reporting Policy

Time and Effort Reporting Procedure

Sample Time and Effort Report (Academic Semester)

Sample Time and Effort Report (Intersession)