Intellectual Property & IP Protection

IP at SF State

In December of 2009, the Academic Senate passed SF State's first IP policy. This policy was developed by an Intellectual Property Policy Taskforce Strategic Issues Committee that was formed through the Academic Senate Executive Committee. This IPP Task Force was headed by Jaylan Turkkan (former AVP, Research and Sponsored Projects), and included Mark Ciotola (Design & Industry), Ramón Castellblanch (Health Education, SF State CFA President), Barry Rothman (Biology, SIC Chair), and Don Taylor (Dean, Health and Social Sciences, SIC member). The current policy will be revisited by the Academic Senate in Spring 2012.

Academic Senate Policy # F09-253, Intellectual Property Policy & Procedures

"IP 101 at SFSU" - a PowerPoint presentation providing a basic overview of information about Intellectual Property at San Francisco State University.

IP Protection

How can I protect my findings?

While the rights to ownership derive from the 5th amendment to the US Constitution, manifestation of that right is secured through copyrights & patents.
If you believe you may file a patent application at some point, keep in mind that you must file within 12 months following the date of first sale, offer for sale, public use, or publication/public presentation of the invention, whichever occurs first.

There are many ways to formally protect your findings, please refer to the links below for more information.

Can I publish my research results? Can I speak at a conference?

Formal Protections

     Please refer to the Patents & Other Types of IP Protection page

IP Resources

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