University Crowdfunding Review Web-Workshop

Event Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time: 10am-11am

Event Location: Library 244

Course Module(s): I Need Money and Time

Web-Workshop Details:
To move the university crowdfunding conversation forward, innovosource brings you this showcase of early-adopter university crowdfunding models. This hour-long non-interactive webinar presentation will cover examples at three leading institutions:
  • Background and impetus for unversity crowdfunding program
  • Key hurdles to implementation/associated resolutions
  • Successes and lessons learned
Each expert presenter will take you through their program from concept to inception.
Ideal For:
  • Current or aspiring crowdfunding managers in commercialization or development units, who are interested in understanding the detail of university crowdfunding
  • Early stage investors, public, or private organizations looking at crowdfunding as a capital vehicle or point of interaction with universities
  • Policy-makers, professional organizations, and others interested learning about this emerging innovation practice.
Registration is required for planning purposes, please RSVP here
View more workshop details here.