Topics Sought for MAMA (Methodological and Multivariate Analysis) Support Group

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Stat CORR would like to solicit your suggestions about topics that we might try to cover during our monthly MAMA (Methodological and Multivariate Analysis) Support Group meetings.

Next month Ed Connor will give a presentation on getting started with R. There is a December's slot open and of course next semester's slots to fill. Even if you are not volunteering to present, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We are trying to establish a mid-month meeting during which one of you would bring a problem in study design or data analysis to the group for suggestions on how to solve the problem or recommendations about how you might get guidance on how to solve the problem. This would be a very informal sort of group consultation.

We would also like to develop a survey in order to learn more about each of your strengths in study design and data analysis, as well as your software usage, software needs, and the topical areas or software packages that you would like to learn more about. So, be prepared to respond to our survey so that STACORR can better serve faculty needs.

Finally, we have established a listserve for STATCORR. The purpose of the listserve is to allow participants to reach out to the broader community of scholars to ask for help on a study design, data analysis, or software question. If you would like to be added to the listserve, please send us an e-mail and it will be done.


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