SFSU Faculty Summer Writing Retreat

Event date: Jun 01, 2015 to Jun 02, 2015

Event time: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Location: Faculty Commons, LIB 286

Make this a summer of writing! Start with a 2-day facilitated writing retreat, followed by summer-long team and facilitator check-in sessions and  peer exchange. Writing retreats are a great way to get started on projects. Ongoing peer support and critique will keep you engaged in the process over time. Full day retreat sessions on June 1 and 2, check-ins through July and August, with wrap up presentations on August 19.


Space is limited. Please pre-register here


Writing retreats are often a great way to get started on a project, but participants lose momentum after the retreat is over. Ongoing peer support and critique is more likely to keep participants engaged in the process over time. This proposal spreads the retreat over the entire summer, with teams checking in on each other’s progress and conducting peer review in between larger group sessions.

Pre-Writing Program

Faculty will complete a survey prior to the start of the program that describes the type of work they want to accomplish in the summer (grant, manuscript, other) and general topic and methodology.  Each participant will be placed in a pair or trio to work together all summer, based on the similarities of their disciplines/topics.

June 1 and 2: Kick off sessions

June 1

10-11   Getting acquainted, writing prompts about obstacles to completion, setting intentions, the power of peer review

11-12   Work on your own to prepare a 5 minute presentation of your work (purpose/thesis/research question and a short description of what you will do). Present 2-5 slides in powerpoint.

12-1     Lunch to meet your team members and start getting acquainted

1-3       Presentations and peer critique/discussion

3-5       Work on your own (Resources will be made available during this time)

June 2

10-11   Discussion of thoughts on feedback from day 1 presentations and outline how to revise

11-12   work on your own

12-1     lunch with your team to set up your summer plan. Will you have any in person meetings? When will you exchange work for peer review/critique? Plan to check in weekly.

1-3       work on your own (resources available)

3-4       each team meets with facilitator to go over plan

June thru August

Weekly check-ins between team members; at least one peer review exchange in July; facilitator checks in every other month with team.

August 19: Wrapping Up

10-12   “What I did this summer” presentations: 5-10 minute presentations on the now more evolved project

12-1     Lunch with team members

1-2       Next steps (will groups continue to meet through the semester?) What is needed to bring the project to completion?