ORSP Small Grant Recipients Presented Their Research At Google

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Professors Anoshua Chaudhuri (Economics), Yeon-Shim Lee (Social Work) and Grace Yoo (Asian American Studies) presented at Google on May 23, 2018 on their research, “Experiences Of Chinese, Filipino, Indian And Korean H1B Visa Workers In The United States: Caring For Family Abroad.” Chaudhuri, Lee and Yoo are recipients of a 2015 ORSP Collaborative Award.

With the growth in engineering and technology industries, the United States has seen an increase in the arrival of highly skilled H1B visa workers from various Asian countries.  Limited research exists on highly skilled temporary workers on how they maintain family ties from afar including the caring of aging parents. There collaborative research explores the following questions  1) What types of care do H1B Visa workers provide from afar for an aging parent? 2) What challenges do these workers incur when providing care from a distance? They collected 874 surveys and conducted 53 in-depth interviews and are currently working to write up their findings as a book manuscript.   Student research assistants on this project have included Aditi Grossman, Jane Hwang, Chen Chen, Eunjae Kim and Ashwini Shridhar.