NORDP Webinar: Demystifying the Ideas Lab

Event date: Oct 23, 2015

Event time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The NSF recently added Ideas Labs to its official list of funding mechanisms. But what is an Ideas Lab, and is it something your should be encouraging your faculty to attend?

This webinar provided by the National Organization of Research Development Professionals will explore the structure of an Ideas Lab, explain how they are organised, and who they might appeal to. In addition, a number of leading universities are starting to run their own internal ideas labs, in order to create more compelling research proposals. This webinar will give you practical starting point to use the approach inside your organization.

The key points from this webinar will be:

1. Understand what an Ideas Lab is, and how it operates

2. Learn about the type of problems for which an Ideas Lab is appropriate

3. Understand, broadly, how to organize an Ideas Lab within your own institution.