NIH AREA (R15) grants: How to write them, and yes, You Can Get Them

Event Date: Friday, November 22, 2013

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Event Location: Library 244

Course Module(s): I Need Money and Time / Writing, Writing, Writing

Video from the R15 workshop is available

This training session will guide participants on how to obtain AREA research grants from the NIH.  AREA grants support small-scale research projects at educational institutions that have not received major NIH support.

The goals of the AREA program are to (1) support research, (2) expose students to research, and (3) strengthen the research environment of the institution.

SF State has been eligible to receive AREA awards for the past three years, and our faculty are successfully competing for them.

 Key Features

  • Project period is limited to 3 years.
  • Direct costs are limited to $300,000 over the entire project period.
  • Grants are renewable.
  • Preliminary data are not required.

Remember that the NIH funds research from “cells to society” and from “molecules to managed care.”  That is, any topic that relates to physical, behavioral and community health. 

This training session will be conducted by Jaylan Turkkan, Associate Vice President for Research, and Uschi Simonis, Assistant Dean for Research CoSE.

Handouts will include at least one successful R15 grant with associated summary statements.

Refreshments will be provided.

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