New Awards for October 2014

Principal Investigator Title Sponsor
Cheng, Adelbert (Ed)
Low-GWP Commercial Refrigeration Feasibility and Cost-Benefit Engineering Evaluation
Air Resources Board
Ferretti, Charlotte
Marion Wright Edelman Institute
Jumpstart FY 14/15 Jumpstart/AmeriCorps/ Prime: CNCS
Horvath, Lawrence
Secondary Education
2014 Western Regional Noyce Initiative Fresno State University Foundation/ Prime: NSF
Hsu, Eric
Higher Education for Iteams Part 2 San Rafael City School District
Marquez-Magana, Leticia
SF BUILD: Enabling Students to Represent Science NIH
Nielsen, Karina
Romberg Tiburon Center
North Central Coast Beach & Surf Zone Ecosystem Condition Assessment California Ocean Science Trust
Van Dam, Mary Ann
School of Nursing
Sequoia Satellite Nursing Program FY 14-17 Sequoia Health Care District

Total new awards for September: $19,015,816