New Awards for August 2014

Principal Investigator Title Sponsor
Bernardi, Daniel
Poetry Center
Poetry Center Digital Archive 14-15 NEA
Boyer, Katharyn
Romberg Tiburon Center
Presidio Trust The Presidio Trust
De La Torre, Jose
Acquisition of a Next-Generation Sequencer for a Shared Genomics Core Facility at SFSU
Greensite, Jeffrey
Physics & Astronomy
Theoretical High-Energy Physics US Dept. of Energy
Hsu, Eric
Higher Education for iTEAMS San Rafael City School District
Jiang, Hao
Design and Optimize Analog Circuits for Neuromorphic Computing Engine with Resistive Crossbar Array
Air Force Research Laboratory
Kane, Stephen
Physics & Astronomy
Validating Kepler's Coolest Planets Jet Propulsion Lab / Prime: NASA
Lueck, Amanda
Special Education
NLCSF 14-15 Salus University / Prime: US Dept. of Education
McCarthy, Christopher
Physics & Astronomy
2014 STAR Program Cal Poly Corporation
Pelaud, Isabelle
Asian American Studies
SF Vietnamese Film Festival of the Diaspora Intersection for the Arts
Simonis, Ursula
Life Sciences - Ecology
NSF GRFP Fellowhsip (Prado-Irwin) NSF

Total new awards for August: $588,733