New Awards for April 2014

Principal Investigator Title Sponsor
Cool, Adrienne
Physics & Astronomy
HST Legacy Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters NASA (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Cool, Adrienne
Physics & Astronomy
A Deep, Near-UV Probe of the Faint Cataclysmic Variable Population of 47 Tucanae.
NASA (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Dugdale, Richard
Impacts of Population Growth on the San Francisco Bay and Delta Ecosystem
Oregon State University/ Prime: NASA
Ferner, Matt
Nutrient Impairment Assessment Project: Suisun Marsh
California State Water Resources Control Board
Gurdak, Jason
Central Platte NRD FY 14-15 Central Platte Natural Resources District
Kane, Stephen
Physics & Astronomy
Placing Our Solar System in Contex Through the Charaterization of Long-Period Planets
Martinez, Alexis
Geospatial Research on HIV NIH
McCarthy, Christopher
Physics & Astronomy
2013 STAR Program CalPoly Corporation, Prime: SD Bechtel Foundation
Stine, Alexander
Testing for the Physical NSF

Total new awards for April: $1,521,513