Methodological and Multivariate Analysis (MAMA) Support Group - May

Event Date: Monday, May 5, 2014

Time: 12 Noon - 1pm

Event Location: Library 286

Course Module(s): Toolkit

Led by Ryan Howell, Associate Professor of Psychology, this presentation entitled “What is Structural Equation Modeling?" will describe how to use this modeling technique to answer research questions which involve expected causal paths.

Structural equation modeling, or SEM, is a cross-sectional statistical modeling technique utilizing factor analysis, path analysis, and regression analysis to test confirmatory models.

We will discuss how researchers can use SEM to determine whether a certain model is valid.

Bring questions about your own data for the group to discuss from various perspectives.

Lunch served: Please RSVP to

Do you typically teach a statistic or research methods class?
Then you should come to MAMA.

Do you use interviews, group discussions, field notes, various texts, or pictures to investigate the why and how of decision making?
Then you should come to MAMA.

Do you have a complex statistical or research methods question you haven't been able to solve?
Then you should come to MAMA.

Come to MAMA and listen to, discuss, or help solve complex quantitative and qualitative problems.