MAMA Presentation - Labspace: A Gateway to Software Access for Research and Teaching

Event date: Oct 06, 2014

Event time: Noon-1pm

Location: LIB 286

This presentation by Andrew Roderick and Jonathan Forester will describe how to access and use software packages such as SPSS, AMOS, SAS, Minitab, ArcGIS, and Mathematica without installing all of these packages on your computer. It will also show how students in your classes can access some of these software packages. Suggestions for improvement of this gateway will be welcomed as will suggestions for other software to make available via this gateway. See:

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More Information: Richard Harvey, 338-3478 / or

Edward Connor 338-6997/

Drop in, RSVP if attending: Leticia Santos, 405-3995/

Come to ‘MAMA’

Learn about Virtual Software Access Using the SFSU ‘Labspace’

Andrew and Jonathan's presentation is brought to you by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), through its funding of the SFSU Statistics Community of Representative Researchers (CORR) Research Cluster.

Stat CORR hosts meetings, workshops and training clinics, to foster and promote the dissemination of quantitative & qualitative research skills. Stat CORR aims to connect faculty and staff with specialized methodological knowledge with to those who seek assistance designing new research projects, completing data analysis, or developing, submitting, and revising extramural grants.