Limited Submission: Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR): Data Science Corps (DSC)

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Limited Submission: Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR): Data Science Corps (DSC)

From the Desk of Michael Scott, AVP for Research, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, SF State

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Limited Submission Opportunity: Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR): Data Science Corps (DSC)

Building Capacity for HDR

Dec 13, 2018


SF State Limited Submission Guidelines

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Source: Federal

Title of Funding Opportunity:  Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR): Data Science Corps (DSC) Building Capacity for HDR

Link to program announcement


To AVP, ORSP & Associate Dean of COSE  for review and approval: December 19 2018

AVP, ORSP & Associate Dean of COSE decision: December 21 2018

If accepted, ORSP 7-business day deadline for internal approvals:  January 23, 2019

Full Proposal: February 04, 2019

Required materials for ORSP submission:

1.    Summary no longer than three pages in length

2.    All on- and off-campus collaborations

3.    Publications or other indicators of productivity in the past 3 years relevant to this FOA

Program officer contact information
(It is highly recommended that you contact this person early in the process)

Synopsis of offering:

In 2016, the National Science Foundation (NSF) unveiled a set of “Big Ideas,” 10 bold, long-term research and

process ideas that identify areas for future investment at the frontiers of science and engineering (see ). The Big Ideas represent unique opportunities to

position our Nation at the cutting edge of global science and engineering leadership by bringing together diverse

disciplinary perspectives to support convergence research. As such, when responding to this solicitation, even though

proposals must be submitted to the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) within the Directorate

for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), once received, the proposals will be managed by

a cross-disciplinary team of NSF Program Directors.


NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) Big Idea is a visionary, national-scale activity to enable new modes of

data-driven discovery, allowing fundamentally new questions to be asked and answered in science and engineering

frontiers, generating new knowledge and understanding, and accelerating discovery and innovation. The HDR vision

is realized via a coordinated set of program solicitations resulting in an ecosystem of interrelated activities enabling (i)

research in the foundations of data science; frameworks, algorithms, and systems for data science; and data-driven

research in science and engineering; (ii) advanced cyberinfrastructure; and (iii) education and workforce development

—all of which are designed to amplify the intrinsically multidisciplinary nature of the data science challenge. The HDR

Big Idea will establish theoretical, technical, and ethical data science frameworks, and apply them to practical

problems in science and engineering, and in society more generally.


The Data Science Corps is one of the components of the HDR ecosystem, focusing on building capacity for

harnessing the data revolution at the local, state, national, and international levels to help unleash the power of data

in the service of science and society. The Data Science Corps will provide practical experiences, teach new skills,

and offer teaching opportunities, in a variety of settings, to data scientists and data science students. It will also strive

to promote data literacy and provide basic training in data science to the existing workforce across communities.

As a first step in establishing the Data Science Corps, this solicitation focuses specifically on enabling participation by

undergraduate students in the Data Science Corps, by supporting student stipends for participation in data science

projects and supporting integration of real-world data science projects into classroom instruction.


Eligibility as stated by sponsor


Keywords: Biological Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical, Computer and Information Sciences, Geosciences, Engineering, Technology, Information Technology, Social Behavioral and Economic Sciences
Questions about this limited submission opportunity:

For CoSE PIs: Uschi Simonis, Assistant Dean for Research (CoSE),
All other units:  Michael Scott, AVP for Research, ORSP,