Monthly Memo of Announcements- January 2019

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Monthly Memo of Announcements- January 2019
From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, SF State

A digest of updates and announcements

January 24, 2019



Golden Gate Bridge, California

SFSU IRB needs an unaffiliated community member

The San Francisco State Institutional Review Board (IRB) needs  an unaffiliated, community member to serve as the non-scientist member of the IRB that reviews and approves all human subjects research conducted on our campus. The unaffiliated member should not be affiliated with SFSU however, retired personnel and student alum are eligible.

The following is a description of the scientist/non-scientist from the regulations:

Members whose training, background, and occupation would incline them to view scientific activities from the standpoint of someone within a behavioral or biomedical research discipline should be considered a scientist, while members whose training, background, and occupation would incline them to view research activities from a standpoint outside of any biomedical or behavioral scientific discipline should be considered a nonscientist.

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A green rice plant

Breakthrough genetic fix could give big boost to important crops

When San Francisco State University Professor of Biology Zheng-Hui He was an undergraduate, he learned a curious fact about some plants: The way they store the energy of light is horribly inefficient. Now he’s part of a research team that’s figured out a way to use genetic engineering to streamline the process, pumping up the productivity of rice plants. The resulting rice has a long way to go before it’s a consumer product, but it may in time help curtail food shortages by giving a needed boost to one of the world’s most important crops.

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Michael Goldman wins two awards for promoting biotech in the CSU

On Jan. 5, Professor of Biology Michael Goldman was recognized for his exemplary contributions to biotechnology programs in the CSU system with two separate awards. He is this year’s sole recipient of the 2019 Andreoli Faculty Service Award, and is only the third recipient of the CSUPERB Leadership Award in the program’s history, granted to him “in recognition of his dedication to and steady leadership of the CSUPERB community, ushering in an era of growth for the organization,” the selection committee wrote.

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Fast Company covers Kevin Eschleman's study on supporting coworkers

Students combine science and social consciousness


If you are applying for a grant…

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Grant Management Tip of the Month

ORSP Offers Free External Pre-Review of Federal Proposals

ORSP will consider and pay for a pre-review of your proposal to a federal agency, if the narrative section is submitted one month before the proposal is due. If you feel you meet this criterion, please e-mail Jessica Mankus ( with a draft proposal narrative one month prior to the submission deadline. Include in your e-mail names of several federally funded researchers who are working in the subject/research area of your proposal.




 10 Common Grant-Writing Mistakes (The Chronicle,01/04/18)

 Detailed Grant Proposal Writing Guide (UNCCH)

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ORSP provides campus-wide access to the powerful, flexible and free funding research tool “Pivot.” Did we mention it’s free?

With a few easy steps, you can sign up for a Pivot account, link it to a pre-populated profile (or create a new one), and instantly find funding opportunities. For step-by-step instructions on getting started with pivot follow the steps here.

For how to get the most from Pivot check out their YouTube channel:

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